Owner Katie Brandenburg Stallons’s most fundamental goal for Olive You Boutique is to carry something for ‘all of you’ lovely women of Central Kentucky and beyond. No matter your age, shape, likes or dislikes, come to Olive You to find the items you will cherish.

It’s a family affair at this local gem. You can feel it the minute you walk in the door that an enormous amount of love and passion has been poured into this family owned boutique. Whether you are greeted by one of the sisters in charge, their delightful mother or one of the other charismatic women on the job, you feel immediately part of the landscape and right at home.

The environment in the store is fresh and full of color and light. All of the women working there wear a beautiful smile and helpful demeanor. No doubt about it, Olive You has brought a fun and personal shopping experience to the Bluegrass. From unique clothes to sweet gifts for any occasion, ‘all of you’ can be sure to find something special when shopping at Olive You! 

Katie and her sister, Lindsay, amplified their dreams for Olive You in 2017 with the plans to extend their reach to the online shopper. Driven to share their love for fashion and creating an environment where the customer feels like their style is understood and the boutique can cater to their specific needs, they launched this interactive, point-of-sale website for the burgeoning Olive You customer base.

At oliveyouboutique.com, the same love and care goes into creating a shopping experience that makes our customers feel like family. Olive You strives to host fan favorite brands and a variety of styles and accessories for not just one kind of shopper, but for “all of you.” And behind every purchase is a fabulous and friendly Olive You team member ready to help make your shopping experience the very best. 

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