Katie, Owner


Playing dress-up and fashion have always been in Katie Brandenburg Stallons’s blood. After pursuing a degree in merchandising and textiles at the University of Kentucky, her expertise and experience now touch each customer at Olive You. She divides her time at the boutique with two of her own dress-up dolls at home. She and her husband, Cody have two daughters.

Katie’s truly easy-going personality offers a relaxing and comforting environment for women shopping at Olive You. She has great intuition and is always prepared to listen to her customers and help deliver exactly what looks great and feels fabulous on a woman.

Get to know Katie:
Fashion icon? I have so many!!!! Especially with social media these days! I think this is also because I love so many different styles. I don't really think that today there is a bad style. So many different kind of styles are in and I admire different people for how they wear a style and love to see how differently even a black dress can be worn. I love the boho styles, classic, comfy and jackie-o looks. I try to carry a wide variety of styles at Olive You because I think it never hurts anyone to try something new and go out of their box. You never know you might find yourself loving something new and different from what you think you love. However, if I had to pick I would say Princess Kate is a huge icon of mine. I think this is because I am always wondering what she is going to wear. She always looks so put together and I don't know how she does it, but I love everything she has ever put on.
Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? This is a tough because I truly love all seasons. I love how fashion can change four times a year. And in Kentucky we can really wear all four seasons differently.  It makes things more exciting and always has me looking forward to something new. If I have to pick I would would say spring is my favorite! I love all of the bright yummy colors of spring. They make me so happy! :) I love also that this means warm weather is almost here. Flowers start blooming, Easter, Spring Break, Keeneland and Derby are near, and dress season is soon to begin. I love dresses and they are so much easier to wear in the spring!
What does your closet look like? My closet is full of color! I always try very hard to wear more black, gray and neutrals, but somehow I find myself always going toward color. It just makes me happy. I try to keep my closet very organized, normally this is by color and item type. I think the more organized your closet is the easier it is to see what you have and put different things together. However, now that I have two little kiddos running around, their closets normally get more attention than mine. It is so fun to dress my little fashionistas. :) Hopefully they will let me do this for a long time!


Lindsay, Managing Partner

Lindsay is the pragmatic and problem-solving partner that drives new business to the store through marketing and advertising initiatives. Lindsay also shares a fresh sense of style, and offers the same genuine care and kindness to customers of Olive You that make them feel an extra bit of comfort when shopping for that certain look. Lindsay is a lone fashionista in a house full of boys; she and her firefighter husband, Casey, raise two young boys in Richmond.

Get to know Lindsay:

Olive You in the future? Since starting out, expanding and going online all in less than five years, enjoying what we have going on and always finding ways to improve is going to be my jam for awhile! Our personal style boxes are growing so fast and they’re fun to select and hear feedback from customers, so more of those in the coming year sounds like a blast! (Email or call the store if you’re interested in knowing more). Truthfully, I have other exciting ideas/plans in my brain but everyone knows I love a good secret and love a great surprise in the future.

Shopping bucket list? I dream of shopping with our Olive You Crew at the original Joules store in England (who wants to join us?) I love each Joules piece we see at market and it takes hours to narrow down. I can’t imagine how long I would want to spend in their main hub! Also, a visit to the Citizens of Humanity denim production facilities in LA would be such a treat! You can never have too many C&H jeans and to see the washing facility, sewing facility and design studio makes me smile so big just thinking about it!

What’s your shoe collection consist of? Since Toms has become so fashion-driven and keeps coming out with new styles each season…Toms is pretty much taking over my closet! Since there’s a fantastic pair of Toms for each need--tennis shoe, flat slip-on, flat boot, wedge—I’ve found myself throwing away tons of shoes lately and replacing with a comfy pair of Toms.


Jennifer, Stylist and Merchandising Specialist


Adding to the warm and at-home atmosphere of Olive You Boutique is the design of the store itself. It was designed by Jennifer Brandenburg, mother of owner, Katie Brandenburg Stallons. With years of experience in the field of interior design, Jennifer’s vision for Olive You Boutique became a stunning reality. In every corner you will find touches of pizazz that make Olive You unique to other boutiques anywhere in Kentucky and we can thank Jen for that. Jennifer also happens to be the mother of three other beautiful children besides Katie and Lindsay as well as grandmother to four amazing kiddos. She runs circles around our crew, all the while dressed in the most chic fashions--nobody wears Johnny Was like Jennifer!

Get to know Jennifer:

Fashion identity? Colorful and on trend are my aspirations for personal style. I love cheerful colors and interesting pieces that wear like comfortable art!

Favorite color palette? I actually love every color of the rainbow, but I like bright colors in cool tones like turquoise and orchid. Orchid is definitely my favorite color.

Fashion find you can’t live without? I can't live without ACCESSORIES! I have never met a pair of earrings, bracelet, scarf, or necklace I didn't like. Because of that, my collection is strong and I have trouble choosing which piece to wear. So, most of the time I just wear them all!


Ariel, Stylist

Ariel is the stunning stylist known for her delightful demeanor and photogenic fashion strengths. She is her colleagues’ favorite model for Olive You fashion and a customer favorite for her attentive shopping style. Ariel left a full-time career in makeup artistry to move back to Central Kentucky and raise a family with her husband, Chris; they have three children and one Golden Doodle, Evie. She continues to create beautiful faces with makeup as well as pursuing a part-time career in Real Estate.

Get to know Ariel:

What is your favorite accessory? My favorite accessory is either my Kendra Scott Elisa necklace or my Charlene K initial necklace. Both are so dainty, but they look beautiful with anything I wear. Plus, they are adorable layered with other necklaces too!

What’s the color found most in your closet? Y'all, I love black and blue! I am just naturally drawn to them, so I seriously need to branch out. I do love bright and bold colors as well.

Fashion find you can’t live without? I couldn’t live without my Citizens of Humanity jeans. I have a pair for every occasion…running around with the kids are for my Arielle pair. Rockets are my favorite go-to and I love a good pair of Ultra Skinny Avedon for a date night out!


Ella, Stylist

Ella is the light and vibrance in the Olive You landscape with her bright smile and friendly nature. She is a student at Eastern Kentucky University seeking a degree in Public Relations. Putting her education into practice every day at Olive You, Ella puts each customer at ease while getting to know their needs and helping them find exactly what they’re looking for on each visit. She lives with her family in Waco, and loves to spend time outdoors with her family, friends and boyfriend, Ben.

Get to know Ella:

Favorite fashion brand? WAYF, Citizens of Humanity and Dolce Vita shoes

Everyday accessory necessity? I love Julio and Betsy Pittard necklaces, though I don’t wear jewelry too often. I do love to accessorize my sweaters with a lacy bralette!

Fashion aspirations? I want to find fun, new ways to wear tennis shoes like our Toms for a cute, street style look. 


Kelly, Stylist

Kelly is our upbeat and joyful stylist who is crafted in the art of comfy fashion. She has a prowess for finding the most ideal fashion pieces to complete your closet with everyday styles perfect for any day you have planned! Not only does Kelly show off her passion for fashion working at Olive You, but she balances two other jobs not including the full time gig of being mother of two beautiful girls with her husband, Reagan. Kelly is quite literally "Super Woman" to her colleagues and we feel delighted that she dons the cape for her Olive You crew as part of her busy life!

Get to know Kelly:

Favorite shopping partner? At first thought I would choose my two daughters because I love to spend time with them, but these days the shopping trip would quickly become all about what they want to buy or what Mom can buy for them! My friend, Ellen, seems to have a sixth sense for where the bargains are at, so if I had another choice, it would be her.

What’s your closet look like? I'm slightly anal retentive, so my closet is super organized by dresses, coats, tops, pants and shelved sweaters and shoes. I even take it to a neurotic level and organize all my tops by color, including a black, white and grey section. Crazy, I know!

Style identity? I would like to think that I have an eclectic and open minded fashion sense, but in reality I am certain that my closet is stocked with clothing of "comfort." I live a fairly hectic lifestyle(and wouldn't have it any other way) so I gravitate towards fashion that is comfortable, versatile and classic so that it can last me for a long time and be appropriate for a variety of daily activities. I do like to stay as young as possible, though, so I try to throw in a couple surprises every now and then.  Plus, I'm definitely a more "contrast" color coordinator than one who like things to "match."  


Lindsay, Stylist

The “other” Lindsay at Olive You is a petite fashionista from West Liberty, Kentucky. She is a graduate student at Eastern Kentucky University in the Occupational Therapy Department. Knowing body shapes is a skill she puts to work at Olive You every day! Lindsay’s darling demeanor and sweetly southern accent make everybody feel right at home and make the shopping experience much like hanging with a friend for the day. By the time you leave Olive You, you will know and love Lindsay and know how much she loves being an Aunt to her sweet baby niece!

Get to know Lindsay:

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall? My favorite season is summer, but fall clothes are way more fun! 

Studs or Hoops? Studs, for sure!

Accessory necessity? I adore my Kendra Scott Elisa necklace. In fact, I don't think there's a Kendra Scott piece out there that I haven't loved!


Vicki, Stylist

She answers to a plethora of names but “Mrs. D”, “Vivi” or Vicki is always a perfect representation of style at Olive You. She is often decked in head-to-toe Olive You fashion, always accessorizing her look with the most adorable eyeglasses in a rainbow of colors! Vicki is a retired teacher and she teaches us daily how to put fashion pieces together in unique ensembles we hadn’t thought of before. She is an expert at layering styles and stacking accessories to highlight the fashion in the most wonderful and beautiful ways.

Get to know Vicki:

Everyday accessory necessity? Earrings! I always have to have my earrings on. When I taught school, I always kept an extra pair in my car, just in case I broke a pair or lost them during the day. Now that I’m at Olive You, I don’t have to worry. I can just borrow a pair from our displays!

Favorite Olive You brand? Favorite clothing brands are Show Me Your Mumu and NIC+ZOE. I absolutely love these two lines!

Favorite shopping partner? Definitely not my husband!!! (though I love him dearly). I would choose my granddaughter, Victoria as my favorite shopping gal pal!


Kinsey, Stylist

Get to know Kinsey:

What better addition to the Olive You team this year than a stylist that's been a fashionista fan of Olive You since our beginning! Kinsey is a sophomore at EKU majoring in marketing and has lived here in Richmond all her life. Kinsey may be the newest member but she's been a part of our Olive You shopping family long enough to know all there is to know about the styles here in our store. Just tap into her expertise; Hint: she a Mumu and Kendra Scott superfan! 

What brand is found in your closet most often? Show Me Your Mumu is quickly taking over but I could never have too much! 

Everyday fashion necessity? I don't like to leave an outfit without big earrings and a statement necklace! 

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